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New allegations of sexual misconduct against Roberto Alomar have been brought forward and are being investigated by the Toronto Blue Jays, per Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star.

Melissa Verge, a 24-year-old woman, states that in 2014, Alomar offered to take her on a private clubhouse tour. During the tour, he allegedly pressed his body up against hers without her consent and accosted her for sex at a kids’ baseball camp hosted by the Blue Jays. Verge was just 18 years old at the time of the incident.

“I was an 18-year-old Blue Jays fan, and Roberto Alomar was a 46-year-old Hall of Famer and we were alone in the clubhouse,” Verge writes. “He pushed his unwelcome body up against me from behind. He assumed I wanted it without even asking my permission.”

Later, during a break, Alomar Jr. told Verge that when the camp finished, the two could go to his hotel suite

“We can close the door and have some kissing and some loving,” Alomar allegedly said.

Verge claims that she told then team official, Rob Jack, about the misconduct shortly after it occurred. There’s no evidence that Jack ever brought the issue up with anybody else in the organization. Jack was fired by the Blue Jays following the 2015 season for reasons unknown.

In a statement to Kennedy, the Blue Jays said they were “troubled to learn about Ms. Verge’s experience in 2014 involving Roberto Alomar and another former employee. Since we were made aware of the incident by the Toronto Star, we have commenced an internal investigation using an outside firm.”

Earlier this year, another woman filed a workplace complaint against the Hall of Fame second baseman. Following an investigation of this incident, Major League Baseball terminated Alomar’s consultant contract and placed him on the Ineligible List, banning him from working for any MLB or affiliated minor league team or as a sport agent.