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Phil Mickelson once beat Tiger Woods in a practice round and then placed photocopied $100 bills in his locker to troll him

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson in 2019. Julio Cortez/AP

  • Phil Mickelson once beat Tiger Woods in a practice round bet in 1998.

  • Mickelson reportedly then photocopied $100 bills and placed them in Woods’ locker to troll him.

  • Mickelson is known as one of the biggest gamblers on the PGA Tour.

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Phil Mickelson is one of the most notorious gamblers in golf, and no one is spared his wrath when he wins.

According to Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press, and since relayed by ESPN’s Shane Ryan, Mickelson once trolled Tiger Woods after winning money from him in a practice round in 1998.

Mickelson and Woods were rising stars when they played a practice round together before the Nissan Open. Mickelson won and made sure to tease Woods about it.

According to Ryan, Mickelson photocopied $100 bills and placed them in Woods’ locker with a note that read, “Just wanted you to know Benji and his friends are very happy in their new home.”

As Ryan noted, Mickelson (and many golfers) place money on practice rounds to keep things “interesting.” Though it can be hard to pin down specific amounts that are gambled, Ryan reported that golfers can win or lose up to five figures in bets over the course of a week.

Mickelson reportedly once told Ryan Ruffels, then a young golfer on the tour, that he didn’t play for less than $2,500 in practice rounds, then gave Ruffels 2-1 odds, meaning Mickelson was gambling $5,000.

Phil Mickelson and Tiger WoodsPhil Mickelson and Tiger Woods

Phil Mickelso and Tiger Woods. Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The loss in 1998 surely stung Woods, who at the time had a less-than-friendly rivalry with Mickelson. In fact, in the HBO documentary “Tiger,” it was revealed that Woods looked at Mickelson with “disdain,” because he felt Mickelson didn’t work hard enough.

“Tiger knew that Phil was the most naturally gifted player ever to hold a golf club,” golf reporter Alan Shipnuck said in the documentary. “But Tiger looked at him with disdain. He couldn’t fathom having that much ability but not putting in the time to be great.”

Of course, Woods and Mickelson are on much friendlier terms today and have played practice rounds together.

Woods even congratulated Mickelson on his win at the PGA Championship on Sunday.

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