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‘American Idol’ crowns its winner, but that’s not the only thing fans are upset about

The American Idol Season 19 finale was packed with incredible performances Sunday night as the three finalists – Grace Kinstler, Willie Spence and Chayce Beckham – performed one last time for America’s votes and the title of the next American Idol. After the first hour, it was revealed that Grace took third place, which fans weren’t super happy about, but they weren’t too worried about it either, as one person made a good point sharing: “sure, go ahead and send grace kinstler home. jennifer hudson didn’t win american idol either.” (@halliestone04) However, the upset about Grace wasn’t the only thing Twitter was buzzing about. Earlier in the show, following Chayce’s first solo, judge Luke Bryan promised Chayce that he would take him bass fishing, which prompted host Ryan Seacrest to joke, “Chayce, this may be shocking to you, but that might involve some beer. I’m just sayin’.” Luke added, That’s the point of fishing! Who cares if you fish, right? As long as it’s icy and cold!” Awkward. Fans were cringing over host Ryan Seacrest’s joke about beer, as Chayce has been pretty open on the show about being a recovering alcoholic, even writing an original song about it. Fortunately for Seacrest, by the end of the three-hour finale, it was (sort of) in the past as  it was really all about the moment we had been waiting for – who was named this year’s American Idol? Apple Valley’s 24-year-old country-rocker Chayce Beckham. While Chayce’s win wasn’t surprising, Willie fans flooded social media with their disappointment, as they thought the gospel/R&B powerhouse was totally robbed. But, to be fair, America voted and Chayce Beckham is our new American Idol.