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Pete Carroll shows he still has some youth going for forced fumble in practice originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is one of the oldest coaches in the NFL.

But age doesn’t seem to be stopping Carroll from joining in on football drills that he should consider just watching.

During Saturday’s practice, Carroll got mixed in with wide receiver Cody Thompson during practice.

After Thompson caught a pass during a drill, Carroll decided to get in and pop the call out of the wide receiver and forced a fumble.

Both him and Thompson decided to go for the fumble, which probably scared most of the other staff as they witnessed their head coach dive for the ball.

There is most definitely a bit of concern when the 69-year-old coach dives down with a young and spry 25-year-old in pads.

After practice, Carroll explained his reasoning as to why he dove on the ball.

“I was going for the forced fumble there, did you see that?” Carroll said. “I was getting the ball out. Ball came out, I didn’t come up with it though. I think a couple years back I’d have come up with that ball, but Cody did a better job scrambling for it.”

Carroll seemed disappointed that he didn’t finish the play and grab the fumble from Thompson.

Even the receiver himself had to have some words with his coach as well.

All in all, this is in good fun of course.

Plus, football is almost back in full force and it’s good to see some fun going on at the Seahawks minicamp.