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Apr. 21—CLINTON TWP. — Dominic Palmatier burst from the blocks and powered down the straightaway, gaining speed with each stride.

As he pulled away and sped to the finish line, the senior closed an impressive win in the 100-meter dash.

When Palmatier heard his time of 11.1 seconds on the hand-held clock, he clapped his hands and let out a yell of satisfaction.

His effort set the tone for the remainder of the showdown between Montrose and Lackawanna Trail, inspiring the Meteors to an 85-56 win in the battle of Lackawanna Track Conference Division IV unbeatens Tuesday at Lions Pride Stadium.

“I was pretty happy with my time,” Palmatier said of his personal best. “But there is always better that I can do. I am going to keep working hard to get better with every meet. The season is going well, but I can still get faster and stronger, which is what I want to do.”

Palmatier’s time, once it is converted to a fully automatic time of 11.34, is one of the best in Montrose history. PIAA 100-yard champion Jim Rosemergy had a converted meters school-record time of 11.14 in 1976.

Palmatier added a win in the 200 in 23.5, and ran on two winning relays for the Meteors, who are the driver’s seat for division honors. Montrose owns the last seven Division IV championships.

In this important meet against the Lions, the team rose to the challenge despite having a few standout regulars out of action.

“I think the whole team really persevered,” Palmatier said. “We have a couple of our good runners who couldn’t run today, so the team really had to pick up the slack and took this meet really seriously.”

Gabe Wilber contributed a pair of victories, winning the 1,600 (5:05) and 3,200 (11:29).

“I think I ran pretty good, but I was looking to run better,” Wilber said. “Overall, as a team, we all did great. We lost a couple guys who couldn’t be out here today and I think we really worked to pick things up and earn a win in this meet.”

Montrose also got wins by Jason Smith (110 hurdles), Nick Harder (400), Jesse Rogers (300 hurdles), Logan Birchard (800) and Hunter Birch (javelin), and also won all three relays.

Lackawanna Trail got wins from RJ Schirg (shot put, discus), Tyler Rozanski (long jump), Kody Cresswell (triple jump) and Chris Ryan (high jump).

At Scranton Memorial Stadium, Sam Jones won the 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles, and Antonio Harriston won the long jump and high jump as Scranton defeated West Scranton, 112-29, in a Division I meet.

Michael Diehl added wins in the shot and javelin for the Knights.

Justin Gockley won the 100 and 200 to lead West Scranton.

In Division II, Jacob Brundage won the 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles, Caleb Kenyon won the 1,600 and 3,200, Colin Kravitz won the 200 and 400, and Kollin Leschinsky won the triple and high jumps to lead unbeaten North Pocono to a 128-22 win over Honesdale.

At Wallenpaupack, Thomas Principe won the 1,600 and the 800, David Chapman won the shot and discus and Amr Jones won the long and triple jumps in an 84-60 win over Delaware Valley as the Buckhorns also remained undefeated.

Mark Callanan won the 100 and the high jump to lead Delaware Valley.

At Western Wayne, Jack Baronski won the 1,600 and the 3,200, Justin Kolsovsky won the 110 hurdles and the 300 hurdles and Spencer Duffield won the triple and high jumps to lead Valley View to a 131-18 win over the Wildcats in a Division I-II crossover meet.

Montrose 85, Lackawanna Trail 56

3200 Relay: Montrose (Leoanrd, Birchard, Lyden, Harder) 9:32.1. 110 Hurdles: Jason Smith (MON) 17.8, Toward (LT), Rogers (MON). 100: Dominic Palmatier (MON) 11.1, Rozanski (LT), Geartgens (MON). 1600: Gabe Wilber (MON) 5:05, Clarke (LT), Birchard (MON). 400 Relay: Montrose (Geertgens, Palmatier, Penny, Rogers) 46.3. 400: Nick Harder (MON) 55.1, Rozanski (LT), Schirg (LT). 300 Hurdles: Jesse Rogers (MON) 44.0, Smith (LT), Toward (LT). 800: Logan Birchard (MON) 2:17, Clarke (LT), Leonard (MON). 200: Dominic Palmatier (MON) 23.5, Geartgens (MON), Cresswell (LT). 3200: Gabe Wilbur (MON) 11:29, Measley (LT), Lydon (MON). 1600 Relay: Montrose (Smith, Harder, Rogers, Palmatier) 3:47. Shot: RJ Schirg (LT) 38-10, Smith (MON), Schirg (LT). Discus: RJ Schirg (LT) 99-6, Schirg (LT), Smith (MON). Javelin: Hunter Birch (MON) 126-11, Smith (MON), Wescott (MON). Long: Tyler Rozanski (LT) 17-9, McNamara (MON), Schirg (LT). Triple: Kody Cresswell (LT) 36-2, Nabywaniecz (MON), Ryan (LT). High: Chris Ryan (LT) 5-2, Clarke (LT), McNamara (MON). Pole: No Contest.

Records: MON 3-0, 3-0, LT 2-1, 2-1.

Scranton 112, West Scranton 29

3200 Relay: Scranton (Cawley, Kaufman, Pikulski, McCormack) 9:08.0. 110 Hurdles: Sam Jones (SCR) 16.3, Harriston (SCR), Manley (WS). 100: Justin Gockley (WS) 11.4, Chollette (SCR), Khamvongsa (SCR). 1600: Brian McCormack (SCR) 4:52.2, Roberto (SCR), Kruk (SCR). 400 Relay: Scranton (Chollette, Velez, Khamvongsa, Schilling) 47.3. 400: Danilo McDonough (WS) 57.1, Moore (SCR), Dhakal (SCR). 300 Hurdles: Sam Jones (SCR) 44.0, Manley (WS), Neeson (SCR). 800: Anthony Roberto (SCR) 2:14.7, K. McDonough (WS), Cawley (SCR). 200: Justin Gockley (WS) 23.6, Hairston (SCR), Chollette (SCR). 3200: Brian McCormack (SCR) 10:54.9, Kruk (SCR), Kane (WS). 1600 Relay: Scranton (Dhakal, Neeson, Jones, Moore) 3:55.9. Shot: Michael Diehl (SCR) 38-8 1/2 , S. Norton (SCR), R. Norton (SCR). Discus: Sean Norton (SCR) 99-7, R. Norton (SCR), Anderson (WS). Javelin: Michael Diehl (SCR) 113-3, R. Norton (SCR), S. Norton (SCR). Long: Antonio Hairston (SCR) 20-9 1/2 ,Gockley (WS), Shilling (SCR). Triple: Calvin Khamvongsa (SCR) 36-7 1/2 , Patel (SCR), Bruno (WS). High: Antonio Hairston (SCR) 5-8, Velez (SCR), Fuller (WS). Pole: No Contest.

Records: SCR 2-1, 1-1, WS 0-4, 0-3.

North Pocono 128 Honesdale 22

3200 Relay: North Pocono (Lane, Tellez, Clarke, Noll) 12:48.5. 110 Hurdles: Jacob Brundage (NP) 18.2, Flyte (NP), Eisloeffel (HON). 100: Andrew Tucker (HON) 12.2, Smith (NP), Blaine (NP). 1600: Caleb Kenyon (NP) 4:35.9, Horne (NP) Foytack (NP). 400 Relay: North Pocono (Esgro, Smith, Brundage, Blaine) 48.4. 400: Colin Kravitz (NP) 51.0, Noll (NP), Lane (NP). 300 Hurdles: Jacob Brundage (NP) 45.8, Flyte (NP), Santos (HON). 800: Owen Foytack (NP) 2:06.6, Horne (NP), Tucker (HON). 200: Colin Kravitz (NP) 22.8, Smith (NP), Blaine (NP). 3200: Caleb Kenyon (NP) 10:24.6, Lukan (HON), Segiel (NP). 1600 Relay: North Pocono (Kenyon, Brundage, Foytack, Clarke) 3:55.3. Shot: Tim Rinker (NP) 43-3, Kryeski (NP), Deroni (HON). Discus: Chris Kryeski (NP) 168-11, RInker (NP), Deron (HON). Javelin: Travis Lane (NP) 134-4, Deron (HON), Boettinger (NP). Long: Colin Kravitz (NP) 19-4 1/2 , Smith (NP), Leschinsky (NP). Triple: Kollin Leshinsky (NP) 39-7 1/2 , Ottliger (HON) Haviland (HON). High: Kollin Leschinsky (NP) 5-6, Lenchitsky (NP), Tucker (HON). Pole: Marcus Stull (NP) 10-0, Khoury (NP), Gross (HON).

Records: NP 3-0, 1-0, HON 1-3, 0-2.

Wallenpaupack 84, Delaware Valley 60

3200 Relay: Wallenpaupack (Crouthamel, Tighe, Lounsbury, Principe) 8:50. 110 Hurdles: Dominic Ceresta (WAL) 16.8, Yankalunas (DV), Cerciello (WAL). 100: Mark Callanan (DV) 11.7, Cresta (WAL), Vargo (WAL). 1600: Thomas Principe (WAL) 4:45.3, Russo (DV), Tighe (WAL). 400 Relay: DQ. 400: James Carrubba (WAL) 51.5, Vargo (WAL), Cottone (DV). 300 Hurdles: Cole Yankalunas (DV), Cerciello (WAL), Cresta (WAL). 800: Thomas Principe (WAL) 2:07.9, Russo (DV), Lounsbury (WAL). 200: James Carrubba (WAL) 24.0, Villafane (DV), Coe (DV). 3200: Adam Kanterman (DV) 10:28, Crouthamel (WAL), Johansson (WAL). 1600 Relay: Delaware Valley (Russo, Cottone, Lazzaro, Lamarca) 3:52. Shot: David Chapman (WAL) 40-9 1/2 , Gecik (DV), Hernandez (DV). Discus: David Chapman (WAL) 108-7, Tidridge (DV) L. Smith (WAL). Javelin: Nick Parrella (WAL) 119-4, Hernandez (DV), Kizis (DV). Long: Amr Jones (WAL) 20-7, Cerciello (WAL), Callanan (DV). Triple: Amr Jones (WAL) 37-9, Goginsky (DV), Cerciello (WAL). High: Mark Callanan (DV), Jones (WAL). Pole: Connor Lamaca (DV) 8-6, Brown (WAL), Cottone (DV).

Records: WAL 4-0, 3-0, DV 1-1, 1-1.

Valley View 131, Western Wayne 18

3200 Relay: Valley View (Kovatch, Swartz, Sokoloski, Jones) 10:16.53. 110 Hurdles: Justin Kolsovsky (VV) 16.91, Duffield (VV), Kucharski (VV). 100: Anthony Memo (VV) 11.46, Liparulo (VV), Hilling (VV). 1600: Jack Baronski (VV) 4:43.08, Kovatch (VV), Sololoski (VV). 400 Relay: Valley View (Casarin, Liparulo, Hilling, Memo) 45.05. 400: Aidan Kearney (VV) 56.09, Jones (VV), Vinson (VV). 300 Hurdles: Justin Kolsovsky (VV) 44.50, Pazzalia (VV), Kucharski (VV). 800: Alex Chapman (WW) 2:19.43, Sokoloski (VV), Jones (VV). 200: Connor Hilling (VV) 23.13, Memo (VV), Reed (WW). 3200: Jack Baronski (VV) 10:11.74, Kovatch (VV), Zuzzio (VV). 1600 Relay: Valley View (Kearney, Memo, Hilling, Kolsovsky) 3:42.85. Shot: Chris Brzegowski (VV) 40-3, Vorzilchak (VV), Visloski (VV). Discus: Dante Randall (VV) 114-2, Brzegowski (VV), Walker (VV). Javelin: Hunter Pazzaglia (VV) 107-2, Walker (VV), Fontanella (VV). Long: Andrew Heid (VV) 17-8, Reed (WW), Duffield (VV). Triple: Spencer Duffield (VV) 35-4 1/2 , Rutkowski (VV), Arcadipane (WW). High: Spencer Duffield (VV) 5-4, Heid (VV). Pole: Nick Barillo (WW) 13-6, Reed (WW), Kucharsky (VV).

Records: VV 3-1, WW 0-3.


Anastasia Ioppolo set a school record in the triple jump with a mark of 36 feet, 10 inches, and won the long jump, the 100 hurdles and the 300 hurdles to lead undefeated Wallenpaupack to a 94-51 win over Delaware Valley in an LTC Division II meet.

Sara Shook won the 100 and 400 for the Lady Buckhorns.

Delaware Valley’s Brooke Acoveno set three school records. She cleared 5-6 to win the high jump with the sixth-best school mark in LTC history. In the long jump, her second-place distance of 18-1 1/2 is the third-best school record in LTC history and she added a record in the triple jump with a second-place finish distance of 36-2 1/4 .

At North Pocono, Honesdale’s Rachel Collins won the 100, 200 and the 400 in an 89-59 win over North Pocono.

Madison Meagher added wins in the long and triple jumps for the Lady Hornets.

Emily Franklin won the 1,600 and the 800 for North Pocono.

At Scranton Memorial Stadium, Taliyah Smith won the 100 hurdles, the 300 hurdles, the triple jump and high jump to lead Scranton a 90-59 win over West Scranton in Division I.

Isabella Noreika set a school record in the 3,200 with a time of 12:05.8 and added a win in the 1,600, while Felicity Martin won the shot, discus and javelin for the Lady Knights.

Lylah Mosely won the 100 and 200 and ran on two winning relay teams for West Scranton.

At Lackawanna Trail, Tangi Smith won the 100 and 200, the triple jump and was a member of the 400 relay to lead Montrose to a 97-44 win in Division IV.

Chloe Diaz contributed wins in the 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles and high jump for the unbeaten Lady Meteors.

At Western Wayne, Ella Dougher won the 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, the high jump and the pole vault in an 87-63 win over Valley View in a Division I-II crossover meet.

Ava Sherman, Alissa Koniszewskim Brianna Zipay and Sam Adams each won an individual event and were on a winning relay for Valley View.

Wallenpaupack 94, Delaware Valley 51

3200 Relay: Wallenpaupack (Matsen, Desmet, Karp, Schmidt) 11:30.2. 100 Hurdles: Anastasia Ioppolo (WAL)16.0, Balch (WAL), Dicette (DV). 100: Sara Shook (WAL) 13.2, Kiesendahl (WAL), Olsommer (DV). 1600: Kaya Meller (DV) 5:46.1, Denhalter (DV), Schmidt (WAL). 400 Relay: DQ. 400: Sara Shook (WAL) 1:03.7, Olsommer (DV), Karp (WAL). 300 Hurdles: Anastasia Ioppolo (WAL) 47.7, Dicette (DV), Marino (WAL). 800: Megan Desmet (WAL) 2:39.8, Denhalter (DV), Schmidt (WAL). 200: Rebecca McFeely (DV) 29.3, Karp (WAL), Olsommer (DV). 3200: Morgan Anderson (WAL) 13:06, Holderith (DV), Higgins (WAL). 1600 Relay: Wallenpaupack (Kiesendahl, Karp, Desmet, Shook). Shot: Emma Kier (WAL) 31-3 1/2 , Gecik (DV), Kelly (DV). Discus: Alexis Jantzi (WAL), Kier (WAL), Gordon (DV). Javelin: Catherine Mancino (WAL) 114-6, Kelly (DV), Gecik (DV). Long: Anastasia Ioppolo (WAL) 18-5 1/2 , Brooke Acoveno (DV) 18-1 1/2 (school record), Desmet (WAL). Triple: Anastasia Ioppolo (WAL) 36-10 (school record), Brooke Acoveno (DV) 36-2 1/4 (school record), Callanan (DV). High: Brooke Acoveno (DV) 5-6 (school record), Kiesendahl (WAL), Sioreti (DV). Pole: Stephanie Felmly (WAL) 8-6, Matsen (WAL), Callanan (DV).

Records: WAL 4-0, 3-0, DV 1-1, 1-1.

Honesdale 89, North Pocono 59

3200 Relay: Honesdale (Coar, Fox, T. Meagher, Dowling) 13:23.2. 100 Hurdles: Norah Wolff (NP) 19.3, Betti (NP), Murray (HON). 100: Rachel Collins (HON) 13.2, M. Meagher (HON), Bassi (NP). 1600: Emily Franklin (NP) 5:45.1, Daughren (HON), Horne (NP). 400 Relay: Honesdale (M. Meagher, Murray, A.Meagher, Mikulak) 53.6. 400: Rachel Collins (HON) 1:02.9, Carney (NP). 300 Hurdles: Megan Betti (NP) 52.3, Wolff (NP), Murray (HON). 800: Emily Franklin (NP) 2:41.2, Suchocki (NP), Coar (HON). 200: Rachel Collins (HON) 28.0, Carney (NP), A. Meagher (HON). 3200: Brenna Daughren (HON) 12:58.6, Fox (HON), Horne (NP). 1600 Relay: North Pocono (Betti, Wolff, Suchocki, Franklin) 4:38.5. Shot: Danielle Zambetti (NP) 27-10, Fiume (HON), Duggan (NP). Discus: Paige Fiume (HON) 92-3, Armetta (HON), Zambetti (NP). Javelin: Sarah Snow (HON) 101-2, Fiume (HON), Cecacci (NP). Long: Madison Meagher(HON) 14-9 1/2 , A. Meagher (HON), Bassi (NP). Triple: Madison Meagher (HON) 31-4 1/2 , A. Meagher (HON), Bassi (NP). High: Rowan Murray (HON) 4-10, Skidmore (HON), DeCesare (NP). Pole: Olivia Bassi (NP) 8-6, Skidmore (HON).

Records: HON 3-1, 1-1, NP 0-3, 0-1.

Scranton 90, West Scranton 59

3200 Relay: Scranton (Rodriguez, Butler, King, Hopkins) 11:22.6. 100 Hurdles: Taliyah Smith (SCR) 17.4, Bresser (WS), Gallagher (WS). 100: Lylah Mosley (WS) 13.0, Clough (SCR), Bittenbender (SCR). 1600: Isabella Noreika (SCR) 5:31.4, Hopkins (SCR), Hazelton (WS). 400 Relay: West Scranton (Nowakowski, Topa, Megotz, Mosley) 55.5. 400: Riley Bittenbender (SCR) 1:06.4, Clough (SCR), Huegel (SCR). 300 Hurdles: Taliyah Smith (SCR) 54.2, Bresser (WS), Stefani (WS). 800: Amelia King (SCR) 2:35.7, Rodriguez (SCR), Hazelton (WS). 200: Lylah Mosley (WS) 27.6, Clough (SCR), Bittenbender (SCR). 3200: Isabella Noreika (SCR) 12:05.8 (school record), Hopkins (SCR), Butler (SCR). 1600 Relay: West Scranton (Mosley, Megotz, Cigliano, Nowakowski) 5:23.1. Shot: Felicity Martin (SCR) 31- 1/4 , Bennett (WS), Lopez (WS). Discus: Felicity Martin (SCR) 80-2, Bennett (WS), Griffiths (WS). Javelin: Felicity Martin (SCR) 61-8, Bennett (WS), Griffiths (WS). Long: Olivia Clough (SCR) 13-10 1/2 , Huegel (SCR), Topa (WS). Triple: Taliyah Smith (SCR) 33-10 1/2 , Gallagher (WS), Salaman (WS). High: Taliyah Smith (SCR) 4-8, Gallagher (WS). Pole: Payton Gallagher (WS) 6-6, Nowakowski (WS), Fuchylo (WS).

Records: SCR 1-2, 1-1, WS 0-4, 0-3.

Montrose 97, Lackawanna Trail 44

3200 Relay: Montrose (Summerville, Pichette, GIannone, Bixby) 11:29. 100 Hurdles: Chloe Diaz (MON) 18.8, Castellano (LT), Vokes (LT). 100: Tangi Smith (MON) 12.8, Smith (MON), Kiehl (MON). 1600: Daegan Giannone (MON) 5:55, Chidester (MON), Bixby (MON). 400 Relay: Montrose (Lathrop, Smith, Smith, White) 52.4. 400: Stephanie Summerville (MON) 1:03, Fahey (LT), Wetzel (LT). 300 Hurdles: Chloe Diaz (MON) 55.3, Vokes (LT), Castellano (LT). 800: Liz Chidester (MON), Pichette (MON), Fahey (LT). 200: Tangi Smith (MON) 26.2, White (MON), Smith (MON). 3200: Daegan Gianonne (MON) 13:11, Bixby (MON), Measley (LT). 1600 Relay: Montrose 4:30. Shot: Daisy Petty (LT) 26-6, Schirg (LT), Toth (MON). Discus: Alexis Hawley (MON) 81-0, Toth (LT), Mecca (LT). Javelin: Ashtyn Mecca (LT) 82-11, Schirg (LT), Lathrop (MON). Long: Riley Keihl (MON) 12-5 1/2 , Vokes (LT), Schirg (LT). Triple: Tangi Smith (MON) 32-11, Keihl (MON), Wilson (LT). High: Chloe Diaz (MON) 4-4, Wilson (LT), Schirg (LT). Pole: No Contest.

Records: MON 3-0, 3-0, LT 1-2, 1-2.

Western Wayne 87, Valley View 63

3200 Relay: Western Wayne (Kammer, Stokesberry, Hutchinson, Estus) 10:21.73. 100 Hurdles: Ella Dougher (WW) 17.67, Dougher (VV), Nemeth (VV). 100: Rylee Sheehan (WW) 13.62, Sherman (VV), Markewicz (VV). 1600: Madi Kammer (WW) 5:38.59, Zipay (VV), Godino (VV). 400 Relay: Western Wayne (Sheehan, Asinski, Kellogg, Pavlovich) 52.58. 400: Sam Adams (VV) 1:06.03, Koniszewski (VV), Hutchinson (WW). 300 Hurdles: Ella Dougher (WW) 51.85, Dougher (VV), Pauler (WW). 800: Brianna Zipay (VV), 2:37.11, Stokesberry (WW), Godino (VV). 200: Ava Sherman (VV) 28.10, Asinski (WW), Sheehan (WW). 3200: Haley Estus (WW), 12:41.41, Newberry (VV), Noon (VV). 1600 Relay: Valley View (Sherman, Koniszewski, Zipay, Adams) 4:29.85. Shot: Alex Butler (WW) 25-3, Berman (VV), Long (WW). Discus: Cheyanne Haney (WW) 71-9, Gregory (WW), Sherman (VV). Javelin: Alissa Koniszewski (VV) 92-4, Long (WW), Zabielski (VV). Long: Ella Cabets (VV) 14-5 1/2 , Kellogg (WW), Asinski (WW). Triple: Ella Pavlovich (WW) 31-6, Pauler (WW), Miller (VV). High: Ella Dougher (WW) 4-8, Pavlovich (WW), Bell (WW). Pole: Ella Dougher (WW) 11-0, Dougher (VV), Coyle (VV).

Records: WW 2-1, VV 2-2.

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