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Last summer brought us some quality laughs over the unearthly quadriceps of Green Bay Packers running back AJ Dillon’s.

And now comes word that Dillon is open to the idea of multiple names for said quads. As in each quad can have its own. But of course.

Dillon revealed Wednesday that he’s heard all the name suggestions for his strapping stems — and he’s willing to apply two of his favorites to both the left and right legs.

Naturally, Dillon came dressed for the occasion, prompting more clarity on the subject.

Dillon might be entering his second NFL season, but this appears to be a young man who can smell an opportunity when it arises. Double props if he’s trademarked that name and is selling those hoodies for $50 or more already.

His entry to the NFL wasn’t quite so smooth. He was a surprise second-round pick in 2020, and Packers fans appeared confused at the team’s need for another running back at the time with Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams in tow.

Dillon only ran for 242 yards and two scores on 46 games last season as the third back. But he gave everyone a glimpse of his potential in a Week 14 blowout of the Titans, running 21 times for 124 yards and two scores, outshining Tennessee’s Derrick Henry. In fact, some think Dillon could one day replace Henry as the league’s top power back. 

Henry has a pretty good nickname, “Tractorcito,” which arose from an excited ESPN Deportes broadcaster back when Henry was at Alabama. Dillon’s “Quadzilla” is believed to be a fan-originated nickname, but “The Quadfather” appears to be a Dillon self-creation.

And he’s leaning into it. Hard. One might suggest he’s squeezing everything he can out of it. Witness his video from a few weeks ago of Dillon squashing a watermelon with those … underpinnings.

But here’s the thing: There’s theoretically room for two more nicknames. After all, “quad” means four in Latin. 

C’mon, Quad Squad, let’s keep flexing on these quad-minded suggestions.

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