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The Philadelphia 76ers have been a team that is still trying to figure out what to do in terms of the Ben Simmons situation. The 25-year old 3-time All-Star still has yet to play a game for the Sixers in the 2021-22 season as he has missed all 34 games the team has played as he cites mental issues.

It is no secret that Simmons wants out of Philadelphia, but the Sixers have maintained that they would like him back on the floor with the team as well they would like to acquire a top 25 player if they do move him. They want to be able to put together a contending roster around star big man Joel Embiid.

One team that was intriguing was the Indiana Pacers. As a team that needed some retooling, the Pacers were willing to take on Simmons and add him to their roster. However, there was not a lot they could offer Philadelphia in terms of a top 25 player.

One player that was intriguing was Malcolm Brogdon due to his shooting and his defense. Before the Pacers signed Brogdon to an extension, they did reach out to the Sixers one last time before they got it done.

Per Scott Agness of Fieldhouse Files–formerly of The Athletic–he hopped on the podcast “Setting the Pace” and reported that interesting piece of information:

I can tell you this with Brogdon before doing the deal, before finalizing it, they checked in with Philly one last time and made it clear, ‘Hey, look, if we do this deal, you’re not getting Brogden this year. You sure you’re not interested?’ So they tried it once more as I said.

What would you want? If you’re Philly, there’s nothing that enticing and I’ve not been a big proponent on Simmons anyway, but I get why they’re after him.

The Sixers have continued to maintain that they will not move Simmons unless they get the high value they expect in return. Brogdon is a good player and he probably would have helped this team in certain areas, but he is not the difference-maker that the Sixers desire.

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