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Ben Zobrist pulled off a rare feat a few years ago by winning a World Series title with two different teams in consecutive years.

That’s not unheard of, but Zobrist helped end two long droughts for fans of the franchises.

In 2015, Zobrist hit .261 with four doubles as the Royals beat the Mets in five games and won their first World Series in 30 years.

Zobrist left KC as a free agent and signed with the Cubs, who then ended 108 years of misery for fans on the North Side of Chicago. Zobrist was the MVP of the 2015 World Series after batting .357 against Cleveland.

The ring Zobrist received for helping the Cubs end their century-plus frustration could be in the hands of a Chicago fan this year.

Heritage Auctions said Friday that Zobrist’s ring was going up for auction, the first Cubs player to make his available.

When the Cubs received their rings in 2017, SB Nation reported they were worth more than $70,000. That site said the rings are 14-karat white gold with 108 white diamonds (to commemorate the World Series drought) and the “Cubs” in the ring is made of rubies, there are more white diamonds along with blue sapphires.

Here’s a look:

If you want to keep tabs on the ring, it should soon pop up on the Heritage Auctions website.