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The Huskers hosted one of their top defensive line recruits this weekend. Nico Davillier from Maumelle (Ark.) made the nine-and-a-half-hour drive so a friend could accompany him and his family for his official visit to Nebraska.

“We got to Lincoln on Friday at 10:30 or 11:00,” Davillier said. “We left my house around 1:00 in the morning and drove all night. We got to the hotel and had some downtime just to relax. At 2:45 we went to the school and had lunch then met with the staff.”

Davillier met his host and went down to the field to meet other recruits and players at the Friday Night Lights camp that Nebraska was hosting.

“I met my host Casey Rogers that afternoon and we went down to the field to watch the camp they were hosting. He showed me around everywhere. I met some of the other recruits and some of the other players at Nebraska.”

Davillier found himself a lot with another recruit that played the same position and this plan paid off. Davillier found some comfort in getting a chance to talk to another recruit about the process and Nebraska.

“I met Jalen Marshall whose host was Damion Daniels. I also spoke with the quarterback Adrian Martinez. I met some of the other defensive linemen and some of the outside linebackers. We hung out both nights and really through the whole day.”

Nico had a chance for some one-on-one time with the Nebraska staff to talk about the defense. The Husker staff was able to show Davillier how they saw him lining up at a number of spots like he does currently in high school.

“On Saturday I had time with coach Tony Tuioti to go over the scheme, the plays they run and how they see me fitting in that,” Davillier said. “I can see myself doing what they want me to do playing some at the three, some at the four and some outside. I am a run stopper and a pass rusher so I can do a lot of different things like Casey does.”

The visit went great for Nebraska and Davillier. He had no idea that the visit would be anything like it was this weekend in Lincoln.

“I didn’t think that it would be like this,” Davillier said. “I thought it would just be football. Nebraska is more than just football. I know that now. It’s better than what I thought it would be. It was all-around great.

“It was a “9.5” or “10”. It was nice. Meeting the players, the coaches and the staff was the best thing about the weekend. Really everything was just like ‘wow’ to me. I am still shocked by how good it was and how much love they showed.”

Davillier really has three weeks to make two more trips before making a decision according to his current timeline. He says that the schools he will trip to this month are his top three.

“I go to Arkansas for an unofficial on Wednesday and on June 18th I go to Oklahoma for an official visit,” Davillier said. “I will make a decision on June 27th. This is all business now. These are my top three schools. They have recruited me the hardest, I have great relationships with the coaches and I think that I can become a better man at all of those places.”