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NWSL Disciplinary Committee levels punishments after Thorns-KC NWSL fight originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

After the Portland Thorns and KC NWSL match ended in a fight between Morgan Weaver and Kristen Edmonds last Friday, the NWSL has weighed in on the incident. 

The altercation occurred during the first minute of stoppage time after the two teams fought over possession near the corner of the pitch. 


Red cards were given to both Edmonds and Weaver. 

The Thorns appealed the red card handed to Weaver. On Tuesday, after an independent review, the NWSL made the following ruling: 

After extensive review of the incident involving Kansas City forward Kristen Edmonds that occurred in the 90th +1 minute of the Friday, April 9th, 2021 match against Portland Thorns FC, the committee has determined Edmonds has committed unsportsmanlike conduct in violation of Section 12.3.6, “Major Game Misconduct” of the League Operations Manual. An automatic fine and one-game suspension has been issued and the committee has sanctioned an additional one-game suspension to Edmonds. The first suspension shall be served on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, and the second will be served on Monday, April 26, 2021. The disciplinary sanction may not be appealed.

Portland Thorns FC appealed the red card issued to forward Morgan Weaver which occurred in the 90th + 1 minute of the Friday, April 9th, 2021 match against Kansas City. The club’s appeal was successful after review by the league’s Independent Review Panel, and all disciplinary actions have been rescinded.

That’s great news for the Thorns and was an accurate assessment of what occurred. Weaver will be eligible to play in the Thorns’ match on April 15th. 

The squad didn’t get off scot-free, though. 

Meghan Klingenberg, who was critical of officiating after the match, was fined for demanding there should be “quality refereeing and quality accountability” in the league. 

Per the NWSL’s release: 

Meghan Klingenberg’s comments during a post-game press conference and a social media post which were determined in violation of Section 12.1.4 (e) “Prejudicial Statements and Public Criticism” of the League Operations Manual.

Klingenberg’s fine isn’t surprising. She likely knew it was coming and weighed the options ahead of time.

All in all, justice appears to be served. 

The Thorns square off against the Chicago Red Stars Thursday at 4:30 p.m. at Providence Park.