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No one has ever accused the streakers of the world of planning for the future.

It is a hobby that inevitably results in a night in jail, thousands in fines and sometimes even worse repercussions, all for a few moments of depraved glory. Or a self-sabotaged gambling windfall.

The most terrifying streaker to stadium security employees, therefore, should be the streaker with a plan. Like the one who descended on a rainy Nationals Park on Wednesday.

During an extended rain delay in a game between the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals, a nude streaker found his way onto the field and soon reached the Skittles-branded tarp covering the infield. Typically, that would be the end of our story, because a streaker will eventually be gobbled up by security or, rarely, make it off the field before he can be apprehended.

This streaker, however, figured out a way to extend his stay for several moments: The hollow roller used to deploy the tarp.

You can only wonder why the streaker left the tube rather than turtling up and seeing how long his game of hide-and-streak could go.

The streaker was quickly removed from the field by security once he emerged from his temporary home, though that didn’t bring the Nationals’ game back any quicker. As of 10:30 p.m. ET, the game is still under rain delay.

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