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Every few days or really however often I feel, I will tweet out asking for the Notre Dame recruiting question of the day. I’ll pick my favorite question and tackle it in an article.

Let’s check out today’s question.

Pretty neat hypothetical here by Ben, and at first glance, I agreed that the second group was more impactful. I also thought it was interesting that he thought switching out CJ Williams with Tobias Merriweather made it closer, considering that Williams is a borderline five-star player. Both are darn good receivers; that much is for sure.

A trio of defensive lineman Anthony Lucas, linebacker Jaylen Sneed and cornerback Khamauri Rogers would be incredible. The Notre Dame staff is extremely high on all three of these prospects and would love to have them in its 2022 class.

But I am going with group one because Notre Dame’s more pressing need — at least in my opinion — to “close the gap” on the likes of Alabama and Clemson is offensive firepower. Notre Dame’s defense has been good enough these past few years to win a national championship. It is the offense that hasn’t shown up in its last two playoff games, as it totaled just 17 points.

I’ll take Nicholas Singleton, who was Notre Dame’s first running back offer in the 2022 class, Holden Staes, a big-time tight end recruit, and Williams. That is an impressive trio, but still not an slam dunk choice because of how good that second group was with defensive players.

Thank you for the question, Ben!

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