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Happy Monday people and Welcome back to your favorite sports show. We bring you all the latest news in sports, politics, pop culture and more.Our Tampa teams are making themselves known in 2020! That’s the one good thing that came out of it!


The Atlanta Falcons have fired their GM as well as their head coach. What do they have up their sleeve? Will familiar faces be contenders for the new positions? Tune in to hear what we have gathered from this past weekend.


The Rays took the first game of the series against the Houston Astros by the skin of their teeth. Blake Snell had a shaky appearance on the mound but that didn’t stop the Rays. Mike Brasseau showed up to the plate and that sealed win 1!

At 3:30 we bring in our quarterback guru Shane Stafford to chat with us about the NFL and all the showdowns of this past weekend. What will happen to Dak Prescott? Did Patrick Mahomes really take an L? Tune in for Shane’s breakdown of these games.

At 3:45 Jack b or “Blitzalytics” joins us to break down Russell Wilson and how he continues to light up the NFL! Will Tom Brady catch up? Will Russell Wilson be the next MVP?


Our Florida teams are definitely trying…however thats not all. The SEC is alive and well! Alabama scored more points in regulation than any other team in history!

At 4:30 Rich Hollenberg joins us to chat about the Rays! Currently they lead the Astros 3-0 and the defense is on fire! Will they keep it up? Tune in to hear what the expert thinks.


Last night the LA Lakers won the NBA National Championship in the Orlando, FL bubble. Lebron James got his fourth title making a hot argument… Who is a greater baller? Lebron or Jordan? Tune in to hear what we think.

At 5:15 we bring in Bruce Gradkowski of Pro Football to breakdown all the NFL quarterbacks after this weeks performances by all. Will DangerRUSS Wilson be this years MVP? Will Dak Prescott make a miraculous comeback? What about Tom Brady? Tune in to hear the expert!

At 5:30 Dave Archer of falcons radio joins us to discuss all the latest moves made by the Atlanta Falcons. Who will be the new face of the Falcons? is it a familiar face? Tune in to get the lowdown from the man in the city.

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