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It’s no secret that the Chicago Bears offense has been wholly ineffective and downright embarrassing at times this season. Which makes sense given Matt Nagy is in charge.

And just because it hasn’t been acknowledged publicly by the team doesn’t mean they don’t see it.

Back in Week 3 during the infamous Cleveland Browns game, Bears third-string quarterback Nick Foles was spotted on the sideline appearing to tell backup Andy Dalton that the “offense just isn’t working.”

Foles, who led Chicago to its first win in the last four games Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, confirmed that’s exactly what he was saying.

“Yeah, the offense was not working that day,” Foles said. “I love this question because everyone was thinking it at the time.”

It’s that kind of honesty that you have to appreciate from someone like Foles, who went from starter to backup to third-string QB in two years time.

But it wasn’t just the Cleveland game. It’s been most of the games played through the first 16 weeks this season — and over the last three years.

Foles was asked specifically why the Bears offense hasn’t worked for most of this season.

“It’s not my place to say,” Foles said. “I just know that I have great teammates that are going to continue to work and we’re going to continue to build. And tonight we were able to get things going offensively just good enough to get a win by one point. And I know guys are going to keep working.”

While Foles didn’t get into specifics — he is a respectful guy, after all — his “it’s not my place to say” seemed to say a whole lot.

Over the last four years, Mitchell Trubisky, Chase Daniel, Foles, Andy Dalton and Justin Fields haven’t been able to find consistent success in this offense.

The one common denominator? Matt Nagy.


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