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Jalen Marshall has been to Nebraska before. The three-star defensive lineman was in Lincoln two years ago for the Pipeline camp and he was just there for the spring game. This trip was to see those things he couldn’t during the camp or meet the people he couldn’t during the spring game. The return visit to Lincoln did not disappoint.

“We got up there like Friday afternoon and it started from there,” Marshall said. “We had dinner, met all of the coaches and went to a group meeting leading up to going out on the field. Damian Daniels hosted me and Casey Rogers hosted Nico Davillier and we all hung out together this weekend.”

The Huskers had a good pairing of hosts that kept Marhsall and Davillier together for most of the weekend. Those two and their hosts had a lot of time to talk about Nebraska and get the scoop about what it’s like.

“Nico and I talked about pros and cons of going to Nebraska. Damian told me everything about Nebraska. He was very unbiased. I am going to Oklahoma State next weekend and Damian’s brother played there before transferring to Nebraska, so he told me about there, too.”

Saturday morning had a picturesque setting for breakfast downtown. Then Marshall was able to do some of the more interesting and enjoyable things about the visit.

“We went and had breakfast on top of the HUDL building in downtown Lincoln which was pretty cool,” Marshall said. “Everyone had meetings. I met with the nutritionist, met with the strength and conditioning coach, the player development, the NIL folks, and then after that some of the defensive linemen just hung out.”

DL Jalen Marshall
DL Jalen Marshall

There were more meetings for Marshall after that, but this one was with the position coach. At the end of it, Marshall said he was fired up.

“I talked to coach Tony Tuioti today for about an hour,” Marshall said. “That got me pumped up to play. It was fun. They see me moving around a bit. They like my versatility.”

The visit got a good score from Marshall and he says that it’s going to be difficult for other schools to live up to the official visit he just took to Lincoln this weekend.

“It was an ‘8’ or ‘9’,” Marshall said. “It’s going to be hard for other schools to beat. My favorite meeting was with the nutritionist and the strength and conditioning coaches. They put a lot of effort in making sure that you’re healthy and they are doing the right things for you. It was really impressive.”

Marshall will take either three or four official visits this month, and could take his fifth possibly in September. He is still in the process of figuring a number of things out.

“I have Oklahoma State next weekend and I have Indiana on the 18h. I am looking to do one more to maybe Arizona State. Most of the visits will be during the season, though. I am trying to figure out if I am going to take all five or just four. I wanted to commit before the season or early season.”