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Wizards’ Beal caught on camera strangely trolling Sixers originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Things might change after this year’s playoff series, but the Sixers and Wizards haven’t had a particularly spicy rivalry in recent years.

So it was a little confusing to watch Wizards star guard Bradley Beal run up and down the court in Game 1 on Sunday afternoon, trolling Joel Embiid and the Sixers for… no apparent reason?

It’s not clear what Beal’s deal was, but he was being very silly on Sunday in South Philly:

There were three pretty clear troll moves from Beal. 

It began when Beal decided to clown Embiid for traveling, something basically the entire league does:

Then Beal had a real fun time goofing about the way Embiid tends to exaggerate contact in the lane – again, something basically the entire league does:

And Beal’s trolls weren’t reserved just for Embiid! He also made fun of Ben Simmons putting up a desperation three at the end of the first half, for whatever reason:

Not sure what’s going on here, but Beal is apparently feeling very spicy as this series begins.

Beal and the Wizards haven’t really had a contentious relationship with the Sixers in the way the Heat, the Celtics, or even the Nets in recent years. Maybe he’s constructing a fictional beef the way Michael Jordan used to? Who knows?

Perhaps taking the L in Game 1 will see Beal tone down his antics – or maybe this is just who he’s decided to be all series long. We’ll see!