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Sixers’ cursed Game 4 carried over to the team plane originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Monday night’s Game 4 between the Sixers and Wizards felt like a cursed affair after Joel Embiid suffered a knee injury, the Sixers narrowly missed sweeping Washington, and a fan bizarrely ran on the court during play (and don’t get us started on the referees).

But the weirdness didn’t end there, according to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark, who reports that the team plane broke down before they could fly back to Philly – leaving the team to take a bus from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia in the middle of the night:

Talk about insult to injury. 

To go from up 3-0 and absolutely rolling en route to a sweep, to worrying about your superstar’s health after a frustrating loss… and then having to sit on a bus heading up I-95 at 4 a.m.? 

One of the more amazing Twitter accounts in existence, Sports+Aviation, noted flight the Delta flight DAL8939 was cancelled last night:

And it would seem that DAL8939 was indeed headed from D.C. to Philly, so that’s that.

What a nightmare.

Now, realistically there’s no cause for concern in terms of this series. Even if Embiid misses Game 5, the Sixers should be able to muster a win at home in front of the first full-capacity crowd since March 2020 and advance to face either the Hawks or the Knicks in Round 2.

But it would’ve been so nice for the Sixers to just get through the first round of what should be a title run postseason without any drama or headaches. Totally unscathed, just gliding past an inferior opponent.

Instead, the team’s best player is banged up and their dang airplane won’t fly.

The vibes are suddenly extremely off.