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Hawks’ Collins trolls Embiid with disrespectful shirt originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

John Collins threw down a questionable dunk on Joel Embiid in Game 6, a slam that would’ve been an impressive poster had he not put Embiid’s head in the crook of his arm, a clear offensive foul.

The referees in Atlanta decided to call a foul on Embiid instead, however, allowing Collins to get off scot free and enjoy a dunk he believes was clean – and nasty.

Collins is feeling himself and the dunk so much that, after the Hawks eliminated the Sixers in Game 7, Atlanta’s young star wore a T-shirt emblazoned with a photo of himself dunking on Embiid to his post-game press conference:


It’s an elite-level troll move, and to be honest we’d all love it if Embiid were the one doing it… but I have to say Collins is probably going to come to regret this one. 

That’s the kind of troll move you pull after you win the NBA Finals, not the second round. I can’t imagine the Hawks are going to take the Bucks past six games in the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Also, you dunked on a guy (again, probably fouled a guy) who was playing the entire series on a torn meniscus. You can be proud of yourself, but it’s kind of weird to get that amped. Collins and Embiid were going back and forth a lot in Game 6, so Collins apparently felt the need to go out and get this shirt made. More power to him, I guess?

Collins had a solid series and the Hawks played better basketball. We’ll see what happens next round… and also next season.