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Joel Embiid suggests Sam Hinkie as pregame bell ringer originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

This Sixers playoff run should be one to remember. The anticipation of multiple series wins, in front of a packed Wells Fargo Center, is one that this city has seen in its mind’s eye since the days of The Process.

Speaking of which …

Joel Embiid was a guest on the Inside the Green Room Podcast with Danny Green and Harrison Sanford, and discussion turned to who should be among those that ring the replica Liberty Bell prior to Sixers home playoff games to get the fans seriously fired up.

Sanford brought up Sam Hinkie, the former Sixers GM and architect of The Process.

“I think it would be a good idea,” Embiid said. “He deserves it. I really believe that we would not be in this situation if it wasn’t for his efforts. Drafting me, and the following year we end up drafting Ben [Simmons]. And he’s really smart.”

“I really do believe that if he had the opportunity to [continue to] build the team with his vision and the way he wanted to, maybe we could’ve been in a different position. We could’ve been better by now. I know for sure we would have been a great team. Yeah, I like that idea.”

While that last part is debatable, imagine 20,000 strong in a sold-out Wells Fargo Center in a full lather, and out walks Hinkie with that hammer. 

I can remember some loud events in that building over the years, but that may top them all.

I can’t imagine Daryl Morey, the current Sixers president of basketball operations and Hinkie’s mentor during their time together in Houston, would have too much of a problem with that.

Heck, he may call Hinkie and ask him to do it himself.