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Body cam footage of Black man shot to death by Delaware police

The sister of Moses sued the officers on Wednesday, saying her brother’s death was not justified and another example of unnecessary deadly force by white police against Black citizens. Several hours after the shooting, the police department issued a press release which stated that Moses fled the officers in his car, hit a dead end, made a U-turn “and drove at a high rate of speed directly at the officers. The officers subsequently discharged their firearms and struck the driver.”After pressure from the family and civil rights groups, the police department was ordered in March by Matt Meyer, the New Castle County Executive, to release video footage from all three officers’ body cameras.According to the footage, the officers, who were out on patrol looking for stolen vehicles, found Moses asleep in his car with the engine running, woke him up and asked him to exit the vehicle.When they told him they were looking for stolen cars, Moses replied that his car was not stolen, the video showed. The subsequent footage contradicts the press release, the family and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Delaware say. They say it is clear from the video that Moses drove around the officers as he was trying to flee, and was fired on as he passed and then drove away from them.The two officers, who have not been named, are 10-year and 3-year veterans of the force and have been placed on administrative leave.A spokesman for the Delaware Attorney General, who is conducting an investigation into the shooting, said their names will not be released until the probe is complete.