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If you thought loud boos and cheers for hit by pitches would be the extent of the jeering the Houston Astros experience this year, 16 months after the team’s cheating in 2017 came to light, the team’s second road series of the season had quite a surprise for you.

During a visit to the Los Angeles Angels on Monday, the Astros’ game had to be paused not once, but twice due to fans throwing trash cans, one inflatable and one real, onto the field.

First came the inflatable one:

And then one right of Angel Stadium, with water bottles and beer cans spilling out:

Alternate angles for each trash can toss can be seen here and here. It appears a Los Angeles Dodgers fan was responsible for the inflatable trash can, while a fan in red pushed the real one. 

After the second can, Angel Stadium staff apparently decided one more can would mean things had officially gotten out of hand.

You have to imagine this won’t be the last time a trash can appears on the field while the Astros are playing. It definitely won’t be the last time they are heard, as the banging of trash can lids has become a recurring sound from road fans who remain very aware of what the 2017 Astros were doing behind their dugout on their way to a World Series championship.

Just wait until the team visits Dodger Stadium and Yankee Stadium this year.

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