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Welcome back to the JPShow beautiful people! We have a loaded show for you today. We have a sick guest line up as well as a lot of victories to discuss.

At 3:30 our resident quarterback guru Shane Stafford joins us to breakdown the GOAT and his epic performance this past Sunday. What are Tom Brady’s secrets? WAIT!…. Is there a new kid in town? Tune in to get the scoop from Sugar Shane!

At 3:45 we bring in Jack Bourgeois of “Blitzalytics” to chat with us about the Bucs some more and how Tom Brady played against Gruden and the Las Vegas Raiders.What does jack think? Tune in for the breakdown of Tommy Boy!

At 4:20 Orestes Destrade of Fox Sports joins us to breakdown the Rays games from this past weekend. The boys went 1-1 with the LA Dodgers with one epic come back and one 6 foot 8 disappointment. Will they tie the series and make it interesting? Are the Rays done with their 2020 season? Tune in to get the low down.

At 5:15 our good friend and former Bucs quarterback Bruce Gradkowski of Pro Football focus joins us to chat with us about the NFL, college football, and another breakdown of the Tampa Bay Bucs. What are his thoughts on the goat and AB? Tune in to find out.

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