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Welcome back to the most fun show in the Bay Area! This past weekend was full of exciting news in sports, politics, pop culture, and a lot more!

The Boys in Blue take on the Dallas Stars tonight in game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals. May the best man win right? Will we see our captain? Watch tonight to find out.

At 3:30 our quarterback guru Shane Stafford joins us to give us the low down on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What’s the deal with Tom Brady? Is it head coach Bruce Arians? A lack of skill? Tune in to hear what he has to say?

At 4:00 we bring in Jack Bourgeois to chat some more about the NFL. What are his thoughts on everything happening with all the injuries? Listen up!!!

At 4:15 we bring you an update on our beloved red guys! We hear from head coach Bruce Arians, on yesterdays performance against the Carolina Panthers. What does he think they need to do in order to improve?

At 4:30 we bring in Brian Romano to chat with us about baseball. As a former MLB stand out he brings us a different perspective on who is hot in the league as of now during the season. What does he have to say? Tune in to find out.

At 5:00 our resident NHL all-star Brian Bradley joins us to give us his predictions on the upcoming game 2 against the Dallas Stars tonight. What are his predictions? Who does he got? The guys in green or the boys in blue? Tune in to find out.

At 5:15 former Buccaneers quarterback Bruce Gradkowski joins us to give his perspective on the performances of all the different NFL quarterbacks and their performance this past weekend and his predictions for the upcoming games.

***Lightning Update***

We hear from Jon Cooper and whether or not Steven Stamkos will make an appearance! Does Coop tell us or continue to keep his cards close to his chest? Listen to the show and tune in to the game to find out!

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