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New York Mets pitcher Jordan Yamamoto knows his job opens him up to more criticism than the average person. He’s fine with that. It’s what Yamamoto signed up for when he decided to pursue a career as a professional baseball player. His wife, however, is a different story.

Yamamoto put out a statement on Twitter on Monday telling Mets fans to stop harassing his wife on the site.

Yamamoto’s full statement read:

“I will address this once and once only. I know Twitter is sometimes not a very nice place and to some of you it may seem fun to troll people. But you don’t go and harass my WIFE! She isn’t the one playing the game nor wearing the uniform! If you should be trolling any one, it should be me. Tag me and comment on my posts, it is my fault and my fault alone. I gave up those 5 runs. My own errors and lack of focus got away from me that inning. So don’t go and harass her! Because I understand as a professional athlete, that comes with the territory. But our family and spouses did not sign up for that. They don’t deserve that! No one deserves that. We preach love and compassion towards one another. So with all that being said, I truly appreciate the true fan base for sticking up for my wife when they seen those nasty tweets. So thank you! Also we are moving onward and upward! That game is in the past and it is time to move to today because we have a new series and a new day to get better and be better! Much Love #MetsTwitter”

Yamamoto’s wife, Madison, posted Sunday that she received nasty tweets during the Mets game. Madison flew out to Miami — where the Mets were playing — to watch Jordan pitch during the contest. 

Jordan Yamamoto struggles in loss to Marlins

Yamamoto struggled in his start against the Miami Marlins. Yamamoto gave up five runs, four earned, over four innings against Miami. Yamamoto gave up all five of those runs in the second inning, but found his stride after that. 

The Mets have used Yamamoto in two games, though Sunday was his first start of the year. Through 6 2/3 innings, Yamamoto has a 6.75 ERA. Yamamoto’s next start is slated to come against the Atlanta Braves on Friday.

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