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Lucchesi in Colorado close shot from first base side

Lucchesi in Colorado close shot from first base side

After a 1-2-3 inning when he entered the game in the third on Saturday, Joey Lucchesi struggled with command and allowed four runs on three hits and a walk in the fourth.

With Saturday’s outing, Lucchesi’s ERA jumped up to 9.19 (16 earned runs/15.2 innings).

“The leadoff walk definitely got me, and then I was really convicted on my pitches, they just put a good bat on the ball, and ball got through and they scored,” Lucchesi said. “Mentally, I felt great, but things didn’t go my way.”

The lefty added that it’s “frustrating” to not be able to toss more innings, even despite coming out of the bullpen.

“Kind of uses up the pen, and I’m trying to help those guys out,” Lucchesi added. “Just didn’t do my job. Gotta do a better job… I just need to figure out what’s working and what’s not. I just need to get it going. Bottom line, I just need to get it going.”

Manager Luis Rojas said Lucchesi’s season has “had its ups and downs.” Lucchesi has not been able to complete four innings and has allowed at least three earned runs in four of his six outings.

Because of his struggles, the Mets could look to Jordan Yamamoto the next time Lucchesi is lined up to pitch. The problem is, with Yamamoto pitching on Friday, the alignment is off.

“We’ll see what we can do about that… He’s definitely an option for our starting depth if we need it, but right now, we’re focusing on what we have here,” Rojas said.

For now, though, Rojas says Lucchesi is going to get another shot.

“I gotta say yes,” Rojas said. “Having [Jacob deGrom] on the IL, it’s valuable to have him… the lefty long man out of the pen right now and change looks. I know things connected for him in the four batters… but the outing before this one, he took us into the sixth inning throwing the ball really well. This was a different story today, but it was a sequence of four batters that pushed him out of the game today.”

With deGrom out, and Carlos Carrasco and Noah Syndergaard still shelved for at least a couple more weeks, the Mets are going to have to continue with some bullpen games.

Despite it not going smoothly on Saturday, Rojas isn’t against it.

“I’m comfortable with the guys,” Rojas said. “Going into this one, you feel that you know what you’re gonna get… It’s one of those. We didn’t the get same response we’ve been getting from our bullpen, which has grown, by the way. We’ve been using guys in different situations in the last two weeks, and they’ve been responding really well. Today, not the case.”

And as long as Lucchesi is getting work in the big leagues, he knows he is going to have to find some consistency and improve.

“I just gotta keep trusting myself. I know personally I’m really good, but I’m not showing it right now. I just gotta man up and just get out on my own, get out of this rut,” the lefty said. “I know I can do it. I know there’s haters out there, but it’s whatever. I’m just gonna keep pushing myself and do the best I can the next time out.”