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Marcus Stroman pitches in rain vs. Marlins

Marcus Stroman pitches in rain vs. Marlins

The Mets are currently in a rain delay, but their starting pitcher, Marcus Stroman, doesn’t believe the game should’ve started at all.

Despite a steady pouring rain at first pitch, umpires didn’t call the players off the field and Stroman had to start the game. A handful of pitches later, the game was finally put into a rain delay. But Stroman quickly tweeted during that delay, voicing his frustration of having to wait five more days to pitch because his day was effectively done.

“This game should have never been started,” Stroman wrote. “Not smart at all. Those conditions put everyone at risk. Beyond happy no players on either side were injured. Hate that I have to wait another 5 days to pitch again. That’s a miserable feeling. However, #LFGM each and every day! @Mets”

After Corey Dickerson singled to left field off Stroman to lead off the game, Stroman was deliberately slow getting back on the mound as the rain continued to pour down. Starling Marte would fly out to right field, but once Jesus Aguilar went to step into the box, Stroman continued to pace around the mound and appeared to be talking to umpires and teammates. He threw two pitches to Aguilar and then the game was called to a delay.

It’s safe to say Stroman wanted the umpire to make the call because he believed players could’ve gotten hurt. During the SNY broadcast, Ron Darling also pointed out that Stroman’s stride was shorter toward home plate so that he didn’t slip.

The Mets still remain in a delay, and if they are to resume play on Sunday afternoon, Stroman basically confirmed he won’t be going back out there. That means it will be a bullpen game moving forward, which isn’t fun to think about considering the Mets have games on Monday and Tuesday as well.