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What a freaking weekend! We open the show giving you everything you need to know about the Bucs game against New Orleans. Not the result we wanted but JP drops an OLD SCHOOL RANT! We bring you Arians audio discussing a numerous amount of topics. Tune in loaded show!

At 3:30, Our resident QB GURU Shane Stafford joins the show to talk some NFL football and “Monday morning quarterback.” What did you see in Tom Brady for his first game with the Bucs? What concerned Shane? Should we “ring the alarm?” Shane and JP break down what just happened in yesterday’s football game.

At 3:45, we have Roy Countryman of joins the show to talk Bucs on this manic Monday! What caught Roy’s eye during the game? Does Brady need time to get acclimated with the offense? Should we be happy with the defense? What needs to be better? What are some bright spots? Roy gives us some knowledge for this interview!

** Bucs update **
We bring you bucs audio from Bruce Arians from his post game press conference and the gang shares opinions about what is being mentioned.

** Bolts Update **
Bolts win!! Can we put it away and eliminate the islands? JP on the morning skate show for the bolts. We have audio from the Game 4 win from coach Jon Cooper.

At 4:30, we have “Author Jamesis 1 of 1” to come on and piss off Bucs fans. What did he see in Brady? Why am I pissed off writing this? “1 of 1” talks about brady and the analytics revolving Tampa Toms performance yesterday against the Saints. And the latest on Winston! Tune in!

At 5pm, Former Lightning Captain Brian Bradley comes on the ice ready to talk LIGHTNING PLAYOFF HOCKEY! JP and Brian recap what we saw in game 4 from the Bolts. What were the pros/cons? 2 goals in 12 seconds? Only one win away from a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals! Brian and JP break down what you need to go going forward!

At 5:15, Sam Monson, lead analyst of Pro Football Focus joins the show to talk some Bucs and NFL football. Sam says the quarterback battle was disappointing for the Bucs-Saints game. Did Sam see this result coming a mile away? Is Russell Wilson unleashed? We go around the league with Sam and ask him the questions and to pick his analytical mind!

Fsu noles choke job? Pac 12 playing? Sec ready to rock? Tune in to hear what you need to hear with JP and the gang!

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