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Photo credit: ITV2

Photo credit: ITV2

Love Island fans are convinced they’ve already spotted this season’s iconic catchphrase after just a few episodes, and once you’ve heard it, you won’t be able to hear anything else from this year’s contestants.

We all fondly remember the old days of Love Island, the days when we first came across, “My type on paper,” “It is what it is,” and “Where’s your head at?” And every year as a new group enters the villa, we look forward to the drama, the memes and of course, the catchphrases.

It’s been almost two years since our last summer Love Island and we could barely contain our excitement when the show returned earlier this week. We’re only a few episodes in but fans already think they’ve spotted this group’s go-to phrase, “I’m keeping my options open.”

Faye was the first one to utter the phrase back in episode one, and since then a few of the Islanders have repeated the line several times, causing it to catch on in the villa. Soon enough, it’ll be this group’s never-ending mantra.

Fans quickly spotted the phrase catching on and Twitter well and truly came to life.

Time for a spot of “keeping my options open” bingo?

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