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Tim Tebow‘s bid to return to the NFL as a tight end with the Jaguars has drawn a lot of attention in recent weeks and Washington tight end Logan Thomas is one of the people watching to see how Tebow does.

Thomas has some familiarity with what Tebow is trying to do. He came into the NFL as a quarterback as a 2014 fourth-round pick of the Cardinals, but he found himself out of the league in 2016 when he got a call from the Lions about trying his hand at tight end. That effort moved to Buffalo in 2017 and Thomas broke out with Washington last year with 72 catches for 670 yards and six touchdowns.

When discussing the transition recently, Thomas said it was difficult to know “what to expect and how to execute what you’re going to do” as a blocker given his lack of experience with it. He added that it took him two years to feel comfortable at his new position and offered some advice to Tebow as he moves ahead with the position change.

“Just be patient with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Thomas said, via Michael DiRocco of “It’s one of those things where it’s a process. Try to pick up one thing every single day and that’ll make you better, because you’re going to take your fair share of losses early on. But learn from your losses and don’t let those losses stack up. Don’t make the same mistake twice. . . . That’s what I tried to do.”

One significant difference between the players is when they began the transition to a new spot. Tebow is 33 while Thomas was 25 when he first began working as a tight end. That may not have made the process any easier, but it did give Thomas a little more time to figure things out before teams wondered if there was a realistic chance of the move paying off.

Logan Thomas on moving to tight end: Rome wasn’t built in a day originally appeared on Pro Football Talk