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The Telegraph

Tiger Woods hails old rival Phil Mickelson after ‘inspirational’ USPGA performance

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have, to put it mildly, experienced a difficult relationship in the past so perhaps it says everything about the magnitude of the left-hander’s historic win here on Sunday night that Woods was one of the first to send out public congratulations. With his two-shot victory in the US PGA Championship, Mickelson, 50, became the oldest ever winner of the major, smashing Julius Boros’s long-held record by more than two years. Woods, at home in Florida recuperating from traumatic leg injuries sustained in the February car crash, clearly watched the action and was overwhelmed by what he saw. Indeed, he suggested that Mickelson’s first major win in eight years – that finally erased Boro’s 53-year-old record mark – can provide motivation in his own latest comeback. The pair have grown closer over the years, with the duo appearing in two charity matches before and during the pandemic. Woods tweeted: