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Red Bull boss Helmut Marko has once again called into question MercedesLewis Hamilton’s “miracle weapon” from the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Eyebrows were raised at how fast Hamilton’s engine was at the race as he managed to battle from 10th to win. The victory put him firmly back in the title race and with wins at the Qatar and Saudi Arabia Grand Prix’s, he was level on points with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen heading into the final race of the season.

However, Verstappen claimed his first world title after overtaking Hamilton on the last lap in Abu Dhabi. Despite winning the championship, Red Bull are still commenting on Hamilton’s engine from Brazil.

“It was only amazing, there are six Mercedes-powered vehicles and only Hamilton had such a miracle weapon,” he told Formel 1.

“But that’s the case and we don’t want to accuse anything about it. How Hamilton flew past us was a unique situation [in the season]. All the top speed measurements were then back within the scope afterwards.

“Everything fit together optimally on this engine, we also know that.”

Cars from Williams, Aston Martin and McLaren are all supplied by Mercedes but the latter’s team principal Andreas Seidl said he saw no difference between their engine and Hamilton’s.

“When I look into the data, and we compare the data from other teams, I don’t see there was ever an extraordinary, spicy engine around,” Seidl said per

“In the end, we were happy with what we got supplied the entire year from Mercedes. It is clear it’s the same for every power unit manufacturer.

“Whenever you install a new engine compared to one that is high mileage, there is a difference in terms of power because of the natural degradation engines are having. That can cost some tenths.

“I see the same throughout the grid. But I don’t see anything spectacular or particular there on teams or power unit manufacturers.”