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Le’Veon Bell not buying Andy Reid’s well wishes originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Le’Veon Bell just won’t let it go.

Last week, the running back made headlines when he said he’d “never play for Andy Reid again” and that he’s “retire first” before doing so.

Those comments of course stuck out because Reid has always been highly regarded as a players coach. Guys love playing for him. But that didn’t stop Bell, who then doubled down:

After all that, Big Red took the high road, saying he enjoyed his time with Bell and wished him well.

That would have been the end of it but Bell clearly didn’t find that to be sincere, replying to the quote on Instagram (h/t New York Post): “lol that’s [cap] but it sounds good”

(For those of you not down with the slang, cap means lie.)

The weird thing is that we don’t know why Bell doesn’t like Reid. Bell joined the Chiefs last season, rushing for 254 yards with 2 touchdowns and caught 13 passes for 99 yards, but saw his role basically vanish for the playoffs. Maybe that’s the source of his anger. Maybe he thought he’d have a bigger role, maybe he was promised a bigger role, and didn’t get it.

Perhaps we’ll never know.

In any case, Bell is still just 29 but it appears like his All Pro days are long gone. He’s a free agent so maybe he’ll latch on with a new team soon. Just don’t expect him to be back in Kansas City.