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Free agent running back Le’Veon Bell says he will play and play well this season.

In a series of tweets, Bell went back and forth with fans, saying anyone who doubts him will be proven wrong.

“2021 will be the year y’all reminded,” Bell wrote.

So where will Bell go? He says that will be decided just as soon as he finds the right fit.

“I’ll sign somewhere when I’M ready,” Bell wrote, “ain’t no more finessing me with lies and sh*t just to get me to sign with they team. no more rushed decisions on my end, period.”

When one fan suggested that Bell got what he wanted from the Jets, Bell replied, “money wise, somewhat. other than that, hell no.”

Bell also wrote that the Jets’ play calling didn’t provide him with the same opportunities he received in Pittsburgh.

“lol the only difference with the steelers was they gave me opportunity,” Bell wrote. “haven’t had that since I left, I probably need to play for a defensive minded head coach instead of these offensive minded guru’s . . . I had more touches in 2017 for the steelers than I had my entire time with the jets.”

When another fan suggested that the Jets had given Bell opportunities, he said his carries came on badly called plays.

“I don’t consider a “HB dive” on 3rd & short of 4th & short EVERY TIME is an opportunity,” Bell wrote. “we line up & they callin out the play, that’s not opportunity, on top of the play being a dive . . . I can’t make sh*t shake with that.”

Bell was one of the NFL’s most productive running backs during his five years with the Steelers. He sat out the entire 2018 season in a contract dispute before signing a four-year, $52.5 million contract with the Jets in 2019. That contract was a disaster for the Jets, who cut him during the 2020 season. He then caught on with the Chiefs, who used him sparingly.

Le’Veon Bell insists he’ll play this year, blames Jets’ play calling for decline originally appeared on Pro Football Talk