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Here’s to those who wish us well, and those who don’t can go to hell.

Of course, those who wish us well may not be telling the truth. When it comes to the curious and unexpected attacks by running back Le’Veon Bell on Chiefs coach Andy Reid, Bell isn’t buying the kind words recently articulated by Reid.

I enjoyed my time with him,” Reid said last week of Bell. “I’m pulling for him. That’s how I roll.”

Via the New York Post, Bell responded to a social-media post containing that sentiment by saying (via the New York Post), “Lol that’s cap.” For those of you who aren’t cool like me (my mom says I’m cool), “that’s cap” means “that’s a lie.”

The precise nature of Bell’s problem with Reid still isn’t known. However, Bell’s decision to continue to fire shots at his former coach won’t do much to help him secure a future coach, because his next coach won’t want to be the next one to get called out after the relationship disintegrates.

It’s hard to imagine anyone giving Bell a chance this year. Maybe he becomes an injury replacement, and injuries are always inevitable at tailback. Or maybe that’s just it for Bell. He had a very good career, and he ultimately got the major payday he coveted. Two years later, however, the well seemingly has run dry. Taking on one of the most respected coaches in the league won’t do much to persuade other teams to search for any lingering water.

Le’Veon Bell doesn’t believe that Andy Reid wishes him well originally appeared on Pro Football Talk