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The Baltimore Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson to be their franchise quarterback and were committed to building their offense around him. They did just that, and Jackson has blossomed into one of the best young stars in the league.

Despite Jackson’s success,’s Bucky Brooks floated the idea that Baltimore could move off the fourth-year signal-caller in favor of a younger option like Justin Fields. Jackson is due for a major extension soon, so Brooks believes that the Ravens can get the most out of their roster by resetting at quarterback.

The comment caused quite a large amount of controversy, and it seems that it reached Jackson. After ESPN’s Marcellus Wiley defended the quarterback to Brooks’ face, Jackson tweeted out the clip with a message.

Jackson made sure that his tweet was playful, adding in two laughing emojis, but his statement still carried some weight. He believes in himself, just like the organization, but hearing criticism 24/7 must be tiring. Jackson does a phenomenal job at tuning out and making sure he doesn’t see the hate, but some of it most likely trickles through.

Brooks’ idea makes sense to an extent, but suggesting that Baltimore follow his plan is extremely bold, especially considering any rookie quarterback wouldn’t be able to come in and immediately be as good as Jackson. The offense is tailored to him, so if any other player tried to run it, there would be some struggles.

Jackson has earned the lucrative contract extension he’s eventually going to receive. It wouldn’t be smart for the Ravens to part with him for the sake of money. Jackson has given so much to the city of Baltimore both on and off of the field, and it should stay that way for a very long time.