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Stanford Ziaire Williams pass

Stanford Ziaire Williams pass

Thanks to the Kristaps Pozingis trade, the Knicks enter this month’s draft with two first-rounders for the second year in a row. They’ll pick at No. 19 and 21 on July 29.

Here’s who the experts think the Knicks could take with their two picks.

Jonathan Givony, ESPN

19th pick: James Bouknight, guard (UConn)

One of the deeper teams in the NBA, the Knicks could look to bolster their backcourt with another explosive guard who can play on or off the ball. Bouknight’s scoring instincts, ability to hit difficult shots off the dribble and long-term potential could be very attractive at this stage of the draft.

21st pick: Ziaire Williams, small forward/power forward (Stanford)

The Knicks could also use a player who can spark offense after running stagnant too often last season. Thomas is an energizer who can thrive off the bench early in his career.

Gary Parrish, CBS Sports

19th pick: Jalen Johnson, small forward (Duke)

It’s unclear if the Knicks will want to keep both of their first-round picks given the depth currently on the roster, but, if they do, adding a prospect like Jalen Johnson could be a great long-term play. He’s a former five-star prospect who shot above 44% from 3-point range over a span of 13 games before quitting Duke’s team midseason.

21st pick: Greg Brown, power forward (Texas)

Greg Brown is such a bouncy athlete that he’s worthy of first-round looks based on potential alone. If his 3-point shot continues to improve to the point where he’s a legitimate big who can stretch the floor, he could solve some long-term issues for the Knicks.

Kevin O’Connor, The Ringer

19th pick: James Bouknight, guard (UConn)

If there’s one thing Tom Thibodeau did wrong this season, it was sticking with Elfrid Payton for too long in the playoffs. The Knicks need to find another guard, and Bouknight has the skill set to play right away. As time passes, Bouknight could develop into someone who could run the offense.

21st pick: Cameron Thomas, guard (LSU)

The Knicks could also use a player who can spark offense after running stagnant too often last season. Thomas is an energizer who can thrive off the bench early in his career.

Zach Harper, The Athletic

19th pick: Jared Butler, guard (Baylor)

Feels like a perfect marriage between what Tom Thibodeau would want to coach and what the New York Knicks need for their depth issues. It’s possible they’ll resolve those depth issues in the backcourt with re-signing their own free agents. Derrick Rose, Alec Burks, Elfrid Payton and Reggie Bullock are free agents. Frank Ntilikina could be a restricted free agent. It’s why I love the idea of bringing Butler into the mix for the Knicks at No. 19. This is all assuming Butler receives a clean bill of health.

21st pick: Ziaire Williams, guard/forward (Stanford)

It feels crazy that Ziaire Williams could drop this low, but it’s possible. I like the fit with the Knicks here after the grab Butler two picks earlier. Williams was a bad shooter at Stanford, however he also had a pretty chaotic season. Ultimately, he’s someone who can create for himself and others.

Jonathan Wasserman, Bleacher Report

19th pick: Chris Duarte, shooting guard (Oregon)

His age (23) will turn some off, but scouts talk about Duarte as a plug-and-play guard or wing based on his shot-making versatility (and accuracy) and toughness. He could be a cheap replacement if Alec Burks or Reggie Bullock sign elsewhere.

21st pick: Usman Garuba, power forward/center (Spain)

We have the Knicks taking Garuba at No. 21, but if they aren’t able to package this pick with No. 19 to move up, it wouldn’t be surprising if they traded it outright, knowing they pick again at No. 32. It’s highly unlikely they keep all three selections. Regardless, Garuba is a coach Tom Thibodeau-type player, given his elite defensive IQ.