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Knicks’ Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin reflect on playoffs as rookies: ‘Playoffs is a different type of basketball’

Immanuel Quickley celebrates big 3 back shot

Immanuel Quickley celebrates big 3 back shot

The Knicks are currently on the brink of elimination are need to win three straight if they want to continue their magical season.

But for rookies Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin, their first playoffs has been a learning experience.

Toppin was a lottery pick who is playing in the playoffs in his first season. And he’s noticed it’s a different animal in the late spring.

“It’s definitely a lot more physical,” Toppin said. “Definitely getting a lot more dirty. Everybody’s just, every little detail, we need to pay attention to to help us defensively and offensively and just know everybody’s game on the other team. Just knowing what everybody’s doing on the court.”

“For me, individually, I love the challenge of being in the playoffs,” Quickley told reporters on Monday, “Watching on TV as a kid, it’s really interesting with the defense and chants that the fans have given, all the energy that’s on every single play, it was always cool to watch on TV as a kid. But now to be actually in it, it’s even more special.”

Even if the Knicks don’t get the result they want on Wednesday, the playoffs will prove to be effective for Toppin’s future.

He already had a magical moment in Game 2 with a loud alley-oop dunk that sent Madison Square Garden in a frenzy.

“I think it will help me a lot. Just because, being able to have the opportunity to be in my rookie year and have the opportunity to play in the playoffs, playoffs is a different type of basketball. It’s a lot more physical, a lot more knowledge, we really gotta lock into a lot of things. I feel like if we play like this every single game whether it’s playoffs or regular season, we’re gonna strive for greatness. I’m gonna continue doing what I’m doing, and the team’s gonna continue what they’re doing.”

“We got two young rookies that are in the playoffs, and they’ve been terrific all season long,” said Tom Thibodeau. “…I’ve been very pleased with our rookies, and just learn each day. Each game will teach you something, each practice will teach you something. Both guys have got a great approach from the moment they’ve gotten here, and I think it’ll serve them well. I think they’ll continue learn and grow, and that’s all you can ask from someone.”