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Georgia fans – and really anybody who was watching Saturday night’s Georgia vs South Carolina game – were scratching their heads when UGA quarterback Stetson Bennett checked into the contest.

The Bulldogs’ offense was grooving with Daniels under center. He had missed the previous game against UAB due to a core injury, and was now playing lights out in his first game back.

Georgia had scored on its first two drives and things were rolling.

Then backup passer Stetson Bennett entered the game. Bennett had a really nice showing against UAB the week prior, throwing five touchdowns. But on his first play against the Gamecocks, he threw an interception that gave South Carolina great field position at the 12 yard line of Georgia.

It was, well, odd. Nobody understood why Kirby Smart would insert Bennett when Daniels, a potential Heisman candidate, was finally finding his rhythm for the first time this season.

“We thought Stetson really practiced well and he and JT rolled all week,” Smart said on his decision. “We told them, I guess it was Thursday or Friday, we called them in and said, ‘Hey look, you’re both going to play. We think JT is healthy enough to go but we’re going to play you, Stetson.’”

Well, that makes a little more sense. But still, not sure what’s up with that decision. Like I said, you have a potential Heisman finalist rolling early in the game. Why sideline him, even if just for a drive?

I’m no coach, but this whole wishy-washy quarterback rotation just does not seem like the best move going forward.

Find your man (JT Daniels) and stick to it.


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