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Kevin Pillar dives into third base during triple

Kevin Pillar dives into third base during triple

Kevin Pillar is making a speedy recovery from the 94.5 mph fastball that hit him in the face and caused multiple facial fractures.

Pillar was activated and placed in Monday’s lineup for the Mets, but the outfielder isn’t as surprised as we are, saying he knew from “the day it happened” that he’d be back sooner rather than later.

“[10 days post surgery] was kind of the goal I had in mind,” Pillar said pregame on Monday. “…The thing I pride myself on most is being available and it was important to me to get back as soon as possible — considering everything that’s going on with this team right now and just make myself available.”

Pillar said that he’s not in any pain currently and that the bones in his nose won’t fully heal for about 4-6 weeks. He’ll be wearing a protective mask when he’s fielding — but not while he bats.

The way Pillar walked off the field after getting hit, his postgame interview after it and the fact that he’s returning so soon has made him into a hero of sorts among fans and on social media, something that he said he appreciates.

“It’s been overwhelming, it’s been awesome to see,” Pillar said. “But for me, I think it keeps things in perspective. I didn’t set out to be a cult hero, I didn’t set out to do anything. I just feel like I get paid to play baseball and there’s a lot of people that go through injuries and go through illnesses and are expected to have to go to work the next day. I don’t feel any different.”

Seth Lugo ready to play after missing first two months of the season

Lugo has been activated to return to the Mets after missing the first 45 games while recovering from elbow surgery.

The RHP said that his rehab “went well,” and he seemed excited to be back with the team.

“Once I started throwing, it was just a matter of building up endurance,” Lugo said. “Once I started throwing it felt really good, so I thought that went well.

“…Yesterday when I got with the team I was asking guys ‘hey, lemme jump on board here. Let’s figure out what’s going on here, lemme get a piece of that.'”

Luis Rojas said that he hopes to get Lugo “in there” tonight at some point and will monitor how long he’ll be in there if it comes to that.

“I don’t know if we’re going to go with a two inning deal, we want to see the pitch count, but it will be nice to get him in there,” Rojas said.