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Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kevin Love let his emotions get the best of him during Monday’s game. Love publicly apologized to both his teammates and fans Wednesday, admitting he “f***ed up” after angrily batting at the ball during an inbounds play. 

That play cost the Cavaliers three points, and has resulted in Love performing damage control over the past couple days. Love continued that trend Wednesday, admitting he was frustrated by a number of things during the game.

Love ended his statement by saying he needs to be better for the team’s young players. He added that he loves Cleveland and will rock with the team “until the day I die.”

Kevin Love gives up easy three after batting away ball

Love is under fire after angrily batting away a ball during an inbounds play. The incident occurred at the end of the third quarter in Monday’s 112-96 loss to the Toronto Raptors. 

With the Cavaliers down by just 6 points, Love was set to inbound the ball to one of his teammates. He walked out of bounds to receive the ball, but when the ref threw it, Love slapped it inbounds and walked away from the play. The Raptors grabbed Love’s pass and nailed a three to extend their lead.

Love apologized to his teammates following the contest, saying he was upset with the officials and not with the team’s performance. Love did not play during the fourth quarter of the contest, and did not speak with the media following the game. 

The Cavaliers have lost eight of their last 10 games, which may have added to Love’s frustration Monday.

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