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Are Kansas State fans ready for the contentious recruitment of 2023 Maize quarterback Avery Johnson?

The stage is set. Most know who he is, already. The Wichita-area talent has a chance to be one of the top quarterbacks, nationally, for his class and is giving an honest look to the Wildcats.

While not a tremendous fan, himself, his grandfather is a huge fan of K-State. Avery is well aware of Manhattan and the historical success brought to the program by Bill Snyder and the new direction spearheaded by Chris Klieman.

In addition to that, he’s close with fellow Kansas State target, Dylan Edwards. The two are life-long friends. Their fathers are lifelong friends, too, with Dylan’s father, Leon Edwards, having played for Snyder and the Wildcats.

The connections are there to make a run, and he is one of the most important targets they’ll have chased since being hired.

Because of that, it’s nothing but positive that the first move he wanted to make when the dead period lifted, was to give the in-state school the honor of hosting him on a visit first and foremost.

“The first time on campus with the staff was great,” Johnson said. “I got to meet all the coaches and see who they really are, face to face. They are not all just great coaches, but great people as well. That’s very important to me.”

K-State wants Johnson to believe he can find the total package just staying close to home and playing his college football in Manhattan, that everything will be covered both on and off the field.

“They made it clear to me that they don’t just want me to develop as a player,” he explained. “But as a person, too. They provide a great football program, along with great academics to allow me to be successful in life, with or without football.”

At the end of the day, the football side of things is still a large part of the equation. Collin Klein will have to put on his recruiting hat like he did with Jake Rubley and win a battle that involves plenty of notorious schools.

A first hurdle has been cleared, it appears, as the rising junior has really embraced the idea of the offensive system directed by Courtney Messingham.

“I talked with Coach Klein and broke down film with him for about hour, Tuesday,” Johnson revealed. “I’m blessed to be able to try and pick the brain of a guy that’s played and coached at the top levels.”

“I like their offensive system,” he added. “It’s very similar to what I run now, so that’s comforting. Theirs is just a little more complex, of course. But I could definitely pick it up and fit well within it.”

He’s going to have a busy month of June where he will camp and see a double-digit number of programs throughout the next few weeks. After visiting Kansas on Wednesday, his next trip will be to Tallahassee where he will camp with Florida State.