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Retired New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady seemed like they would be the two best friends that anybody could ever have.

They’ve been through thick and thin and there’s no way these two buds would ever —

“Nah, Tom hasn’t called me. And in fact, you know … we have a little beef right now,” Edelman, now an NFL analyst, said during a segment on “Inside the NFL” on Paramount+, as first spotted by CBS Boston.

*spits out coffee*

Excuse me?

Apparently, even the biggest besties in Patriots history have their moments of tension. It seems Edelman and Brady are encountering some awkwardness. What happened, exactly?

“We’ll leave it between us. But we have a beef right now,” Edelman said. “I can’t [share what it’s about.] I can’t kiss and tell! I can’t kiss and tell, like someone said.”

The topic of Brady and Edelman’s friendship came up went the receiver was asked to share his opinion on the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl chances. And Edelman, typically verbose, didn’t have much to say.

“Nah, I don’t think they’re gonna repeat this year,” Edelman said. “I mean, I think the team is getting depleted right now.”

It doesn’t sound like Brady and Edelman are in any sort of serious fight. But perhaps Edelman offended Brady in one way or another — perhaps even by letting crucial or private information slip during one of these shows.


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