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Tom Brady will appear on the cover of the Madden game fo the second time in his career. The news prompted former teammate Julian Edelman to remind TB12 of a time when he was simply QB No. 12.

Via, Edelman tweeted an image of Brady’s initial Madden rating. Beneath Drew Bledsoe (86), John Friesz (67), and Michael Bishop (67) was an unnamed fourth-stringer. QB No. 12. With an overall rating of 57.

It’s no surprise. Brady entered the NFL as a sixth-round pick, if you haven’t heard. Pick No. 199, if you weren’t aware. It’s odd that he was nameless in that first edition of the game in which he appeared. Some players (most notably LaVar Arrington) refused to be in the game. Brady had no real reason to big-time EA Sports in 2000.

Regardless, that’s who he was in 2000 and what he was in the Madden game, initially. And Edelman had no qualms about reminding him of it.

Another number from the image stands out. Awareness: 41. While his number in that category will surely be much higher now, 41 arguably was an overstatement during a certain fourth-down play on a certain Thursday night against the Bears.

Julian Edelman reminds Tom Brady of his humble Madden roots originally appeared on Pro Football Talk