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The Show “Open” begins with Lightning goalie, Andrei Vasilevsky, for a THIRD YEAR is a finalist for the Vezina Trophy (best goalie). Houston Rockets SG, James Harden, wears an INTERESTING mask. Madden ratings??? And a Plethora amount of guest appearances saying happy bday to JP! You have to listen to this show!

At 3:15pm, President Lee Cohen of the Tampa Bay Rowdies, talks with JP about the NATIONAL TELEVISION GAME tonight on ESPN2. JP thanks The Rowdies organization for allowing fans in stands and taking proper protocol. “HAVING FANS IN STANDS MATTERS!” – President Lee Cohen. He also, lets us in on what went down over quarantine. Who complained? What did everyone do in the mean time? What are the long term goals for the team/organization? Lee Cohen answers the tough questions.

At 3:30pm JP THROWS DOWN THE GAUNTLET ON DAN SNYDER, OWNER OF THE WASHINGTON “redskins”!! Is there a link between Jeffrey Epstein and Dan Snyder? 20 years of ownership, what’s next? Will the NFL do something? JP gasses up the tank of his old 67’ Challenger and stomps to deliver an “OLD SCHOOL” JP RANT!!!

At 3:45pm, On the Clock Podcast joins the show to talk about the kids going back to school. On the clock podcast are HUGE on Jefferson high school football team. THE KIDS WANT TO BE KIDS! JP and On The Clock discuss the kids being inside for so long and if kids go outside do it it the right way. Running sprints with the Linemen, loser buys WAWA sandwiches!

At 4pm, we welcome Greg Auman of the Athletic, talking with JP about what GOLD or FOOL’S GOLD has been happening with the Buccaneers. Is the NFL starting on time? Will the preseason happen, if so how many games? Greg slaps some knowledge down upon JP. Greg and JP also discuss the UNOFFICIAL deadline date for players opting out for COVID. What do the Bucs do with Donovan Smith? Auman gives his two cents on what would happen if #76 opts out due to Covid. Fans in the stands at Raymond James? 10 million reason why; Greg and JP explain.

At 4:15 the NFL Owners had a conference call with Roger Goodell. JP reads the INTENSE dialogue from the today’s call. We may have a “stand-off” folks!! Bucs TE, Rob Gronkowski chats about coming out of retirement to play with God’s favorite quarterback and the starting QB for the Bucs, Tom Brady.

At 4:30 we bring you a GOLF UPDATE!!! Dechambeau BOMBS a missile of a golf ball 400+ yards!!!!! Is the PGA Tour beginning a new era? Jack Nicholas expresses his opinion in an article and JP agrees with him.

At the 5:00 hour a Man dies of a motorcycle accident, but it’s a COVID death. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? JP gives his thoughts on the report out of Orlando.

At 5:15pm, Roy Cummings of Florida Football Insiders and Pewter Pirates, joins JP to talk Tampa Bay Buccaneers football. Roy reveals what his thoughts are on the upcoming season and if the NFL will start on time. How will players be getting paid? Will players be opting out of the season due to COVID? Roy and JP break out the deets! Roy also gives his ideology on college football and if fall is the true season to play football this year. What does the future hold for the NCAA. JP and Roy delivering, tune in!

At 5:30 STAMMER BACK ON THE ICE PRACTICING WITH THE POWER PLAY!! We also listen to Jon Cooper, Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, take some questions from many of Bolts analyst at his interview today.

At 5:45 we discuss the Tampa Bay Rays selling cardboard cut outs with your face on them! No you don’t get them delivered, the cut outs will be in attendance for Rays Baseball Games and for only $60. Would you do it?

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