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Welcome in on another edition of The JP Peterson Show, bringing you the best local sports coverage in Tampa Bay! Buccaneers beat the Panthers, 32-6, winning the NFC South for the first time since 2007. AB makes his return from a three-game suspension, gets snippy with the media. We give our reaction. Former NFL and AFL quarterback Shane Stafford makes his return to the JP Show, breaking down the victory and how Tom Brady played based on the film he watched. We take a deep dive around Week 16 of the NFL. Joe Burrow impresses, leads Bengals to 9-6 record. Dak is back: Cowboys dominate Washington as Dallas clinches NFC East. Josh Allen gets revenge on Patriots and Bill Belichick gets an odd question during his postgame press conference. More COVID-19 craziness, as the NHL updates its protocols and the Lightning add multiple players to the list. JP gives his reaction and calls out the illogical protocols leading to postponements and cancellations around sports.