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Welcome in on another edition of The JP Peterson Show, bringing you the best local sports coverage in Tampa Bay! We begin by going over everything Todd Bowles had to say in his Monday press conference — a disastrous one at that. Should Bowles be a one-and-done head coach? Does Tom Brady need more influence on the offense? JC Allen of Pewter Report tells us why the offense is struggling to score, why there’s a lack of a connection between Brady and Mike Evans and Bowles coaching scared. Former Lightning all-star Brian Bradley breaks down a HUGE victory over the Sabres and previews Tuesday night against the 18-3 Bruins. Buccaneers sideline reporter TJ Rives recaps his visit to the Iron Bowl this past weekend and if he thinks the Buccaneers can turn it around. We get into the ongoing USF head coaching search — Deion Sanders to save the day? We discuss.

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