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Welcome in on another edition of The JP Peterson Show, bringing you the best local sports coverage in Tampa Bay! We begin with more fallout from the Buccaneers’ big win in Munich. Have the rookies done enough to establish themselves as starters? Will Todd Bowles commit to Nick Leverett? We hear his answer, plus, his thoughts on the effort for Tampa Bay against the Seahawks. Tom Brady talked on his “Let’s Go!” podcast Monday, breaking down the win and if the Buccaneers are close to getting where they want to be. We take a listen and react to all his comments. Kasey Hudson of Pewter Report and Buccaneers sideline reporter TJ Rives recap their experiences in Munich, the vibe inside the stadium, the difference between American and European fans, new wrinkles in the Buccaneers’ offense and their play as a whole.

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