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Welcome in on another edition of The JP Peterson Show, bringing you the best local sports coverage in Tampa Bay! HUGE show today and we begin with a preview to Game 2 of the Lightning and Maple Leafs. Will Tampa Bay have some more jump? Are we concerned Game 1’s performance will carry over? We discuss. Pewter Reports’ Kasey Hudson joins us to give her grade for the Buccaneers’ 2022 Draft class, and what she liked and didn’t like. Amped Up Sports’ Leo Haggerty talks his favorite pick for the Buccaneers, as well as what he thinks we can expect out of the Lightning in Game 2. JP and Nick engage in a discussion about NIL in college sports — the problems created by the current system and potential solutions. We recap the Rays’ come from behind 10-7 victory over the A’s Tuesday night, with heroics from Mike Zunino. Justin Branca, rugby player for the Tampa Mayhem, joins us to talk about the team’s success, the differences in hitting in rugby and in football and much more.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.