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Motivational Monday on THE JP PETERSON SHOW

We open with all the hottest topics! Are we going to play football on time? Is college going to play at all? Lightning hockey scrimmage today, what team won today in practice? Tune in to hear up to the minute news!

The NFL, what are we doing? What has been going on while it’s been your offseason? We need answers! The NFL/NFLPA gets a new wrinkle in its saga. Who needs to get their head out of their ass? JP delivers his address to the NFL.

Is Florida really doing that bad dealing with COVID?!?!? JP and the team go over the numbers and compare them with other states and countries. How does this coincide with college football?

We have audio from SEC commissioner Greg Sankey giving some positivity about playin SEC FOOTBALL this fall. Does the SEC have a plan in place? What is the decision on a “non-conference” schedule? Will there be an UF-FSU rivalry game this year?!

At 3:45, Jack Bouschaei joins us from Blitzalytics to gang tackle the biggest NFL topics with JP. Jack and JP also talk Bucs Football. Will there be a Preseason, if so, how many games? SEEMS LIKE THE BUCS ARE IN O-line HELL AGAIN! Strapped against the cap and having the looming decision of Donovan Smith. Is Smith going to opt-out from the season? Is Wirfs NFL ready to be THE GOAT, Tom Brady’s “blindside” Left tackle? Jack gives his expert opinion.

TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING UPDATE!!!! Live intra-squad scrimmage today at 4pm. LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!!! Blue vs white. Who wins? LIVE UP TO DATE COVERAGE! Small renovations to Amalie Arena, are they prepping for fans in stands?! JP gives some info he heard through the grapevine.

HUGE BREAKING NEWS!!!! NFL and NFLPA have agreed on testing protocols. They will start with daily testing for the first two weeks, then go to every other day if the positive test rate falls below 5 percent. If it doesn’t, they’ll keep testing daily.

At 4:45pm, CEO of REACT Frank Maggio, and NFL HALL OF FAMER Matt Birk talk to JP about the upcoming NFL season. How does the NFL plan to handle the Covid situation? Frank gives his proposal and to be honest it’s not bad, you have to listen to his idea! Matt Birk gives his HALL OF FAME viewpoint with how the players would perceive the proposal and how it makes sense in a lot of ways, more exposure, less games, same amount of money, and many more!

At 5:15pm, Jan Richards, Head of Florida Rising Stars and Didrick “The Blade” Dodge, 2x Super Bowl Champ, former FSU Seminole join JP IN STUDIO!! It’s been 30 years since JP interviewed Didrick. “Florida Rising Stars” Program started in 2019 designed to use sports as a catalyst. Helping kids learn about what happens “between the lines” and what happens “outside the lines.” Didrick states he wouldn’t know where he would be without football! “Football is about teaching young men the right way to do things.” Didrick is also a high school football head coach at Ridge Community High School. How are FSU fans working with UF legend, Steve Spurrier? Jan talks what it takes and it isn’t so hard after all.

Listen to the interviews, The Open or the whole show here…