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Michael Conforto before controversial hit by pitch

Michael Conforto before controversial hit by pitch

To best convey the final play of Thursdays Mets-Marlins game, in which Michael Conforto (appeared to have) leaned into Anthony Bass‘ in-the-strike-zone slider to force a mischievous walk-off hit by pitch, we have compiled the tiniest oral history in the history of the format.

In the wake of the play, the Mets sheepishly celebrated, Marlins manager Don Mattingly (rightfully) pleaded his case, and home plate umpire Ron Kulpa ultimately admitted his mistake.

And judging by the way some Marlins players reacted on Twitter, there could be some fireworks coming when the Mets and Marlins resume their series on Saturday at Citi Field.

Now, the oral history…

Conforto, the leaner:

A win is a win. It’s over. But obviously I’d like to use the bat next time for sure.”

Ron Kulpa, the umpire:

“The guy was hit by the pitch in the strike zone. I should have called him out.”

Gary, Keith, and Ron, the announcers (their reactions in real time):

RD: “The ball hit him and it was going to be a strike.”

KH: “You can’t do that.”

GC: “He stuck his elbow right into that pitch.”

GC: “They’re saying the play stands. Game’s over. Mets win it.”

KH & RD: “Wow.”

Mero from Desus & Mero, a neutral observer:


Don Mattingly, the losing manager:

“(Kulpa) knows it was a strike. … I bet he feels awful because they don’t want to do that, either. … they don’t want to end like that. … but it’s probably too late.”

Luis Rojas, the Mets manager:

“I don’t think he leaned. That’s not his instincts. That’s kind of, like, how he moves his hands. Even throwing to him in batting practice, he will do that on pitches in. … We’ll take that call and take the walk-off.”

SNY’s John Harper, in a postgame column:

“So the Marlins got screwed, the Mets got lucky, and that should be the end of the story. The surprise for me was some of the reaction on social media to Conforto, even from some Mets fans, as if he’d taken a page from the Astros’ cheating handbook or something.”